Retirement Realities

The retirement outlook for most Americans continues to worsen. Our research calculates that the typical working household still has virtually no retirement savings. When all households are included— not just households with retirement accounts—the median retirement account balance is $2,500. The challenge is particularly difficult for women. The retirement hurdle is significantly higher for women because they tend to earn less, take time out of their career for family caregiving, are less likely to have a retirement plan, and live longer than men. Part of the retirement crisis is a badly broken public policy system. Another part of the problem is that data show that the average Americans are not well-suited to manage their investments and retirement nest egg. That is, they often do exactly what investment professional recommend. For example, the average investor will sell assets when the market crashes, or buy when the market is high. At the Retirement Realities conference, we will examine this issues and discuss the following: • How real is the retirement crisis? • What is the retirement reality for women? • How do Americans really behave when it comes to their investment and managing their nest egg? Join us for a discussion with top policy makers who will examine the causes of these financial issues, current policy proposals that are under consideration to rebuild Americans’ financial security, and the consequences of retirement insecurity for individuals and the macroeconomy if we fail to act.